About Our Company

Blue Eye Soft Corp (BES) is an IT and ITES company based in the Upstate of South Carolina that focuses on Business Intelligence and Predictive Analytics using Artificial Intelligence and The Cloud. BES provides custom software and data solutions to large & medium enterprises and Not-for-Profit Organizations. Our services include Cloud Integration, Business Intelligence & AI, Data Lake, Robotic Process Automation, Cybersecurity, Big Data Practices, and Mobile solutions. BES also runs a testing facility offering professional certifications and collegiate exams.

BES is a promising new company, accelerating the technological competence and innovation in South Carolina. In Feb. 2018, the business expanded to a fully-owned office space located in the prime business community of Greer, SC. The company has plans to expand its offices to Spartanburg, Columbia, and Charleston in the near future. BES believes that their actions will help drive SC’s strategy to strengthen the State’s position in IT and increase the number of high paying skilled jobs.

The company has designed customized mobile applications targeted at government agencies and non-profit organizations. Deployed successfully to FSMSDC and CVMSDC [Minority Development Councils]. Currently, BES works with clients from the Healthcare, Insurance, and Manufacturing industries and is further targeting the Finance, Logistics, and Travel industries.BES is discussing opportunities for international technology exchange and exploring avenuesfor export. As a first step, BES is participating in a program that is implementing the bilateral
cooperation in industrial and technological research and development between the government of South Carolina and the Republic of Estonia. Additionally, BES is in discussion with the American-Israeli Chamber of Commerce, with respect to technology exchange.

BES has received an in-kind SBIR Phase 0 grant through Dept. of Energy, administered by Dawnbreaker. The company signed an agreement to receive SBIR grant support by 3 Phase, an SC Chamber of Commerce funded and USC Office of Economic Development small business supported entity. Blue Eye Soft also received grants for job training from SC Works. BES was awarded the New Business of the Year award 2018 by the Greenville Area SBDC. BES’ Mission is to build a strong corporation with leading-edge core competencies in Business Intelligence, Big Data management, and Predictive Analytics in the Upstate of SC

About the Founder

Srikanth Kodeboyina is the Founder and CEO of Blue Eye Soft Corp and a Direct Commissioned Officer for the US Army Reserves.Srikanth grew up in rural India and although his parents were uneducated themselves, they were hard-working farmers who invested in his education.  They sent him to private schools and then college where he excelled earning his undergraduate degree in India.

He then moved to the US in 2010 to attend college earning a master’s degree in electrical and computer engineering from the University of Dayton in 2011. After college, he worked for five years for Fortune 100 companies as a project manager. In 2016, he became bored with his corporate job and left to launch his own software business with a goal to live a more purposeful life and to be of public service. That same year he became a naturalized citizen of the United States of America. Becoming a citizen of the US is one of his proudest moments in life and a dream come true. For him, an American is a person that can dream big and achieve their goals. Srikanth has done
just that by continuing to dream big and making what seems impossible, possible.

Seemingly moving at the speed of light, Srikanth continued to build his American dreams: He accomplished more in one year than most accomplish in a lifetime. He graduated from the University of Richmond – Robins School of Business earning a degree in Executive Management and opened his software company, Blue Eye Soft Corp, and became a board member of the South Carolina Education & Economic Development Co-coordinating Council. He was named as the US delegation leading the Global Entrepreneurship Summit in 2017 held in his home country of India. He could hardly believe only a few years prior to this summit he was flying out from the same airport, Hyderabad International, to pursue his Master’s Degree on a student visa in the US. Leaving his homeland with only two bags, lots of dreams, and a few hundred dollars he returned with his Master’s Degree, a naturalized citizen of the United States,a business owner, and now a delegate of the Global Entrepreneurship Summit.  It was
one of the most amazing moments in his life.
In 2018 Blue Eye Soft Corp received the South Carolina Small Business Development
Center’s (SBDC) New Business of the Year award.
Srikanth Kodeboyina continues to work on his mission to develop software that will
enhance human life. Creating software technology and advancing research in AI to help
doctors diagnose and treat patients can serve as a valuable, virtual second opinion for
medical professions, especially in parts of the world where medical teams are short-
Blue Eye Soft Corp (BES) is an IT and ITES Company based in the Upstate of South
Carolina with core competencies in Business Intelligence and Predictive Analytics using
Artificial Intelligence and The Cloud.

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Blue Eye Soft is advance Data analytics company based out Greenville South Carolina. We are looking more COVID affected CT Scan of Lung to train the model as of now we have over 1200 scans collected from across the globe and looking for more scans. Our algorithms are capable for auto training

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