Why Blue Eye Soft?

Blue Eye Soft Corp is Greenville SC based IT Software Solutions company which focuses on providing right managed services and IT solutions & Staff as per clients need. Following our core principles of transparency, competency, and quality commitment, Blue Eye Soft Corp provides custom software and data solutions to medium and large enterprises throughout North America.

Pioneering Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare

At BlueDocAI we are developing new forms of diagnostic medicine and triage support by cutting-edge science advancements in Machine Learning. Our advanced artificial intelligence algorithms will revolutionize the speed and accuracy that patients can receive diagnosis in resulting in more efficient physician care and improved patient outcomes.

Predictive Space Weather Analytics

Our proposed technology uses the latest advancements in Machine Learning and Data Fusion to analyze massive amounts of historic space weather & anomalies data. Our solution uses artificial intelligence to predict and dynamically visualize the potential impacts for satellite operators with high levels of statistical confidence.

Custom Data Solutions for Advanced Business Intelligence

Our custom solutions bring disparate data sets of any variety or volume together. We can use and combine any form of data that you have collected to run predictive models and get deep insights to understand what drives and how to target your customers.


Our Partners